I've been using your 'personal shaver' shaver for a month. I have never managed to get my vagina lips so smooth before. There is simply no pubic hair left on my body. My lips are so smooth, I come so easily now - the main reason I enjoy being shaven. I even got asked how I shaved, whilst on a naturist beach last week.

My girlfriend is also very appreciative of my smoothness. Her tongue can give me shuddering orgasms just by licking my vagina lips.

Thank you for your shaver

Hi David,
Well we used the razors last night and they are great. Granted, we've been shaving since 1977, but this is the best razor we've ran across since then. We like its design...lightweight, small, sharp, easy to use. Thanks for a nice razor. A friend of mine just called and I told him about it and he said he was going to check out your website. Thanks again David. Have a wonderful week ahead.

J. and R.

Dear Freedom Hill LLC,
it has been 2 months since I bought the Personal shaver from you and it has also been two months since I have had razor burn. Thank you

For years I have been shaving my vagina and pubic area. I have also received more than my fair share of razor burn and Irritation. Your product has put a stop to that. I can't thank you enough. I no longer get that horrible irritation.
Thank you Alice, Washington

Dear Partners for you,
I love going to the beach. I am there at least 3-5 days a week during the summer season. There was a time when I was embarrassed because I would get unsightly red bumps around my bikini area but thanks to your shaver I no longer have the red bumps. I feel more comfortable on the beach and my boyfriend says I look sexier too. Thank you so much!
Alice, CA.

For years I have wanted my wife so lick and suck my balls. She always resisted because she said she did not like the feeling of the hair in her mouth. Well thanks to the shaver I bought from you she can't get enough of my balls and our sex life has improved drastically.

This testimonial is from the Webmistress of Clitical.com
She is one of the leading testers of female adult products and her opinion is widely recognized and trusted.

First Impressions:
I admit it, I'm a skeptic when it comes to new products and I'm even more skeptical of products that promise to make anything like shaving easier especially the intimate kind. Call me strange but I value my Clitoris and the fact that it works -)). So when I was approached by DEAK LLC (owners of PartnersForYou.com), and asked if I would consider advertising this shaver on Classical, I just had to try it first. So I ordered and as promised the items were delivered to my door by priority mail three days later. So far so good!!

On unwrapping the box, I wasn't disappointed either I'm glad to report even I was intrigued. The Japanese writing on the box was a slight put off but the instructions for both shavers were in the packages and to my delight were in English. There are actually two shavers in the kit. One is a lady shaver that requires two AA battery to run. The other is the personal shaver intimate shaver and comes complete with a battery and a carrying case. Both have clear cleaning instructions and brushes designed specifically for the job.

The lady shaver was compact and neat something that I liked and it seemed to be powerful enough as I turned it on. The personal shaver intimate shaver is basically designed to finish off the shaving process and make your skin smooth without irritation. I had about 7 days worth of hair to remove from down there as due to a heavy cold I had forgone my usual wet shave in the shower for a week prior to this test. How would these products cope? Only one way to find out!

The Test:
The instructions are very clear on one thing, you should use both these products before you bathe or shower. Dry, grease free skin was essential for this operation to be a success. So with my mirror in position, I set to work with the LadyFair shaver. Small, compact and a breeze to handle is how I'd describe this tool. As long as you remember to pull the skin taut and shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth you should have no problems with this. Actually it was a pleasant experience and in no time I had trimmed my slightly untamed bush. If topiary was as easy as using this product then we would all be experts on the ancient art of bush shaping.

Now came the intimate shaver, the icing on the cake so to speak. I really enjoyed using this product and I can't say that about a conventional wet razor. Basically, all I was doing was finishing the job, by taking off the smaller hairs that the trimmer had shortened for me. I found by holding my skin taut and using small circular motions this was a doddle. It took me about fifteen minutes to get myself as smooth as I wanted all over, but this method was a lot less hassle than the usual wet shave not to mention safer. I liked the way the personal shaver felt as I held it, it's round shape and longish handle made it easy to manouever as well. It felt solid and well built and the vibrations it produced were minimal, after a little trial and error I found the method that worked best for me. Even those tricky bits between your lips were easy to shave using this. I really liked the fact that this product felt safe especially considering where I was using it. All that remained now was a shower and the ummm Hubby test. He wasn't disappointed with the results either I'm very happy to report!

What's it all add up to?
Okay, I admit it the company won me over with this product. I'm sold and I won't be going back to a wet razor anytime soon. I loved the fact that it was mess free, and I could basically use it anywhere, anytime I needed a quick trim or touch up. It was also great for underarm touch ups. Basically once I 'd done the lawn edging and shaping all that was required every day or so was a quick brush over with the personal shaver shaver and I was smooth again. If you're looking for a product that is easy to use, won't leave you full of lumps and bumps in all the wrong places and is actually safe to use then you can't go wrong with this product in my opinion, just remember to follow the instructions! If you enjoy mutual shaving with your partner then this kit would be ideal, as he can see and reach places better than you can, but even solo shaving was a breeze.

At $54.95 it's not the cheapest kit on the market but in my opinion is worth the money and when you consider that wet shaving costs an average of $120 a year, this isn't expensive by comparison. You get two products and a lot less hassle for your money. Couple that with it's a lot safer and saves those annoying lumps and bumps I figure you can't go wrong at the price.

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